Nexo line array used for ‘Chosun Pop’ concert in Jeonju City, South Korea

Nexo Geo M12 line array speakers were used for a concert of ‘Chosun Pop’, created by fusing the Pansori genre of traditional Korean music with pop styles and modern instruments. This special event was held in Jeonju City, South Korea.

The star of this mini-concert was Seo Jae Hyun, a South Korean singer-songwriter who, performing as sEODo Band, has popularised Chosun Pop, the fusion of pansori with pop music.

The audio rental house PLAN24 was in charge of the stage system for the event, providing a ground-stacked system of Nexo’s Geo M12 line array with MSUB18s for sub bass, and the new Nexo P12 point source cabinets as vocal monitors.

“I could really feel the presence of the M12 Series,” said the FOH engineer, “particularly on the band sound, where the system was able to express fine adjustments. It is hard to believe that a single 18”-in cabinet (MSUB18) can contribute such tight and punchy bass. Also, I was impressed that I only had to set up and align the sub with a delay, and I was able to create a great sound using the provided preset. No special tuning was required, which is a great satisfaction.”

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