Panasonic to launch Intel Pro WiDi supported portable LCD projector

Panasonic has announced that it will launch the PT-VW350 series portable LCD projector which will support Intel Pro WiDi standard. 

The range comprises of the PT-VW355N (WXGA, 4,000 lumens) and PT-VX425N (XGA, 4,500 lumens) as well as two non-network variants in the shape of the PT-VX350 (WXGA, 4,000 lumens) and PT-VX42O (XGA, 4,500 lumens), both with similar base specification.

PT-VW355N and PT-VX425N also support Miracast in addition to Intel Pro WiDi. This allows for projection of the screen of a PC or Android device via wireless LAN. By using Panasonic wireless application software screen projection from multiple PCs (up to 16 units*4) and simultaneous wireless transmission from one PC to multiple projectors is possible.

The projectors have a lamp replacement cycle of 5,000 hours (7,000 hours in eco-mode) and a filter replacement cycle of 7,000 hours. The LCD projector series is to be released in May 2015.

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