Theatreplan to spearhead design services for Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir

Theatreplan, has been selected to provide auditorium, conference centre and technology design services for Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir (VCM) which makes a claim to be the world’s tallest temple under construction in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India

Vrindavan is the birthplace of Krishna and the spiritual capital of India. The project is the result of 30 years of work and investment by ISCKON (The International Society for Krishna Consciousness) who are managing the design and construction process.

Brad Maiden, Theatreplan’s project director for VCM, said: “This project presents a unique opportunity for Theatreplan to embark on a cultural journey, contribute to and learn from what will be one of the landmarks of collective human achievement in this region. We are honoured and proud to be a part of this amazing project.”

He continued: “The VCM project also represents a significant strategic pivot for Theatreplan as we expand our entertainment, technology and customer engagement solutions into the APAC market. The VCM project is a major pillar of our innovative work in this region.”

The temple has a footprint of approximately 5 acres and rises to a height of about 700 feet (213m) and a built-up area of 540,000 sq. ft. The temple is planned to be vibrant with various Sri Krishna-related festivals and religious activities throughout the year. These festivals will be accompanied by music concerts and other opportunities for performing arts.

Theatreplan will be responsible for auditorium planning including integrating interior design and acoustic requirements; conference centre design for government and ISKCON delegates; all associated technical infrastructure design including stage engineering, production lighting, sound and video integration.

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