Tokyo’s busiest thoroughfare chooses Community for audio

Community’s R.5 loudspeakers have been chosen to provide the audio for one of Tokyo’s busiest thoroughfares, Hachiko Square. 

Named after the faithful dog Hachiko, who waited daily for his master at the nearby train station, Hachiko Square is not only a tourist attraction but also has a number of department stores nearby and heavy pedestrian traffic due to the proximity of the aforementioned train stations.

The location, which is perfect for advertising, is serviced by a 24.3m by 17.3m LED screen. Katoya Recording Service however was employed to provide the audio to go along with the visuals.  They chose two Community R.5-66Ts loudspeakers which provide 60x60 degree dispersion for the main area and a single R.5-HPT loudspeaker with 60x40 degree dispersion for the distant crossroads. To drive the Community loudspeakers a Powersoft M30D HDSP+ETH was selected.

Mr. Katoya, the managing director of Katoya Recording Service explains one of the reasons behind the choice to go with Community products: "They deliver the sound clearly to the areas where the displays are seen, but do not create a noise problem with spillage."

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