Using mist as projection screens

Projection requires a screen. But there is no reason for the screen to be solid or tangible. An organization in Poland has unveiled the Leia Display System, which allows for the projection of visuals on to mist.

At present the company is offering two versions of the product. The S-95 provides a mist screen 37in by 25in large. The mist is pushed up from below and the product can be used for projection intended for modelling or home applications. The X-300 allows for projections of 10ft by 8ft and produces the screen by pushing mist from the top to the bottom.

The advantage the Leia Display System provides is the fact that the mist screens are not solid and hence can be walked through and interacted with. The drawback however is that the system requires mineralized water to create the mist.

The Leia Display System is available for sale or rental from distributors in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and France.

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