Whiteboard gets a revamp with 42-in e-paper display

A 42-in electronic paper device - tipped for use in boardrooms, meeting rooms and offices - was unveiled at CES, held in Las Vegas January 5 to 8, 2017. Quilla, billed as “the world’s largest eWriter”, is the result of a three year partnership between QuirkLogic and E Ink Holdings.

The product supports content sharing with remote participants and allows central capture of intellectual assets from collaboration sessions. It weighs less than 10kg and is battery powered so can be transported between different spaces. 

Nashir Samanani, co-founder and CEO of QuirkLogic, said: “With Quilla, users can walk up, grab a pen, and comfortably ink out ideas, actions, and plans without hitting setup hurdles and quickly pick up where they left off in an instant. We’ve designed our always-ready technology to fade into the background, so users can focus on what needs to get done.”

“Significant technological hurdles needed to be overcome and we are delighted with the substantial engineering breakthroughs that the teams at E Ink and QuirkLogic have made in producing the world’s first large format battery operated eWriters with a persistent display.”

The display offers a number of advantages over whiteboards that are popular in many collaboration environments. In addition to supporting remote participants, work can be saved, shared and accessed later. Content can be copied, moved, erased and zoomed in on. 

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