Yun Hall Cultural Art Centre selects L-Acoustics sound

The newly built Yun Hall Cultural Art Centre in Shanghai, China has recently opened its doors to share art exhibitions, cultural performances. The Centre was designed by Xing Tonghe from the Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design Group.

Fang Hongsen, technical director of the Poly Theatre Management Co., which manages the 1,200-seat Yun Hall theatre, had high expectations of a new system that would give his team a great level of quality assurance. He said: “Upon completing this project, I expect myself and my team to operate confidently on a new sound system that will allow us to stage world-class performances backed by unmatched technical standards.”

Fang and his team chose an L-Acoustics Kara II sound system, supplied by local Certified Provider Distributor Rightway Audio Consultants (RAC) and installed by system integrators from Dafeng Co. The Kara II-based sound system was chosen for the Centre to successfully reinforce content from western operas to dramatic theatre plays and symphonic orchestra concerts.

Two left/right hangs of 13 Kara II serve as the front-of-house system, with an array of four A15i boxes in the proscenium’s centre to ensure coverage for seats in the middle of the large hall, with four SB18i subwoofers also hanging to deliver the low-end. Additional low-end power is supplied by a ground stack of two SB28 subwoofers on each side of the hall's stage, and two A15i sit atop each subwoofer stack and act as front-fills.

A dozen X4i are embedded across the stage lip and pit for the front-fill. Forty-four X8 enclosures surround the hall strategically to achieve coverage in the rear of the hall on the first floor and balconies on the second and third. A stage monitoring system is made up of ten X12 enclosures.

A representative from system integrators at Dafeng Co. said: “The Yun Hall theatre project ran smoothly, thanks to a great partnership with RAC. They provided a modern, new system along with impeccable service and technical support as an official L-Acoustics partner. This fact alone ensured that the end-user has the assurance that the system will deliver pristine sound for some of the most high-profile performers and clients in Shanghai and China.”

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