Exclusive: Bose Professional reaffirms commitment to Greater China

bose revised pic
Bose Professional team at the event in Hong Kong

Sending the right message to market is vitally important. To do so, Bose Professional Hong Kong organised an event at the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel on Match 22, 2019. Attended by close to 100 AV industry professionals ranging from system integrators, consultants and dealers, the event reiterated Bose Professional Hong Kong’s commitment to the Greater China market as well as presented the complete range of commercial audio solutions that are part of the manufacturer’s portfolio.

Calvin Cho, regional sales manager for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, explained the reason behind the outreach efforts: “We often get questions from system integrators, consultants and distributors regarding what products we offer and we often hear from end users that they consider Bose Professional to be a brand new division, when actually we have been around and doing business for close to 15 years. It seems that we have kept a low profile and have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes which isn’t known to many. It is time to change this perception and get our partners to engage with end users to let them know about the great products we have in our portfolio.”

To facilitate this new, more prominent message, Bose Professional Hong Kong has moved office to Lee Garden One in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The office features a reception, conference room and multipurpose room which allows Bose Professional Hong Kong to host its own events and carry out its own engagement activities with partners. The office also has an experience centre where the Bose Professional lineup of loudspeakers, amplifiers and DSPs can be experience in action.

The reasons to concentrate on Greater China are presented by Frankie Feng, manager for Greater China: “Greater China has had a 25% average gross rate over the last three years. In terms of size, it is the second biggest region for Bose’s business activities.”

Feng went on to share Bose’s strategy to bring value to the market. He detailed thet Bose Professional’s will be competing on the principles of the ‘Five Ps’. Expanded, this business strategy translated to constantly introducing new products for different applications, having different price points to meet the needs of different customers, collaborating with partners so that they can provide value to end users, leveraging completed projects as a resource to demonstrate the value of Bose Professional and cultivating the best people to support Bose Professional’s business and partners in the region.”

Morten Jorgensen, director of global sales and operations at Bose Professional, spoke about the future direction of the manufacturer in the Greater China region: “We already have a strong footprint in the installation business when it comes to restaurants, retail and houses of worship. But in line with industry trends and the development of our own product portfolio, we are looking to expand into new verticals.”

He continues: “Workplace audio and conferencing in the corporate realm are of great interest to Bose Professional. We want to cover the audio requirements for buildings, from top to bottom, from the conferencing systems at the top of the pyramid deployed in big conference rooms to the solutions needed for huddle rooms and all the way down to the audio people hear while sitting at their desks using headphones for conference calls. We have the solutions for all these scenarios, and we are just getting our feet wet and you will see a lot more exciting products for this vertical.”

Jorgensen adds: “Live performance, leisure and entertainment and visitor attraction are also market verticals where we are looking at expansion. The brand equity of Bose when it comes to sound for performing art centres and houses of worship has always been high. We want to translate this brand equity into success for things like the touring vertical.”

To conclude, Jorgensen reiterated Bose Professional’s message for the Greater China region: “The development of our Hong Kong operation is exciting because we have local business support for the region, and it is also an important global component. We want to make sure that our partners and our clients understand that we are here for the long run and we want to earn your business and that we have made a commitment and not going to go away. We are going to stay in Hong Kong and grow the business. We also want our partners and clients to know that we don’t take the business for granted. This is shown by our efforts to have the right team in place and the right products in our portfolio to help you with your project.”