JBL loudspeakers bring discreet quality to Hibino retail store

Hibino Corporation outfitted its latest location with a JBL Professional loudspeaker system, providing a discreet and effective audio system.

The new Life Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store was outfitted with JBL Professional Control 24 Micro ceiling loudspeakers, specifying 72 of the ceiling speakers, blending in smoothly with the store’s décor.

The system is used for both music and as an announcement broadcast system, enriching the in-store shopping experience. 

Amar Subash, director, channel management and audio solutions, Harman Professional Solutions, commented: “For projects like Life Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store, creating the right atmosphere and elevating the audio experiences of visitors can be game-changing. 

"We would like to thank our partner Hibino Corporation for being involved in every step of creating this immersive and welcoming store experience to keep customers coming back.”

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