O2K creates experiences at The Beyonders Centre

O2K has launched The Beyonders Centre after recognising the impact of immersive experiences on learning and collaboration.

At The Beyonders Centre, O2K believes in moving beyond just showcasing products but focusing on the power of firsthand encounters. The integrator aims to create an environment where visitors can engage with AV products in real-time and explore the possibilities for their spaces.

Envisioned as a fully functional AV lab, every corner of The Beyonders Centre is designed to offer a glimpse into what an end user’s spaces could become.

From door-mounted digital signages to executive cabins equipped with portable room kits, the multiple zones are a testament to O2K’s commitment to excellence.

Zone 1: Door & Wall-Mounted Digital Signages - Powered by software and Wi-Fi, explore remote control and scheduling with these digital signage display devices

Zone 2: MTR Room Setup with Smart Furniture - Experience a fully equipped room with a room bar and speakers for spatial audio, complemented by customised furniture for collaborative spaces

Zone 3: Portable MTR Room Setup for Compact Spaces - With this setup, you can enjoy no-compromise aesthetics and functionality - equipped with a display, sound bar with embedded microphone and camera - for smaller meeting areas

Zone 4: Remote Monitoring Hub with NOC/SOC Simulation- Featuring vertical-mounted displays, this hub lets you explore easy data monitoring and mapping for enhanced efficiency

Zone 5: Executive Cabin with Portable Room Kit - Perfect for video conferencing, experience a powerful all-inclusive portable room kit in this cabin

Zone 6: Huddle Space with Display and Furniture - Designed for smart collaboration, explore a powerful huddle space setup complete with BYOD options

Zone 7: Professional Studio Setup - Equipped with a mobile teleprompter, a chroma screen, LED panel lights and microphones, this setup is perfect for producing multimedia content for learning centres

Zone 8: Portable Mini Huddle Space Smart Table - Complete with a small display and a video bar, this table setup is ideal for small informal discussions

Zone 9: Projector - Leveraging advanced laser projectors and software, this Projection Mapping zone invites you to unleash your imagination and create unforgettable wow Moments

Prabha Lakshmi, CEO of O2K, commented: "We've set the building blocks for a transformative experience—one that adapts to the unique needs of every client."

The Beyonders Centre is meant to be a living, dynamic entity, constantly evolving to meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape.

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