Potato Head Beach Club in Bali upgrades audio with 1 Sound

The Potato Head Beach Club in Bali recently upgraded their beach club audio system, leveraging 1 Sound’s product portfolio for the installation.

Michael Boyle, an independent audio consultant, was appointed for the consultation and design, while Sontastic was selected as the systems integrator for the installation.

With the recent appointment of Melodia as 1 Sound’s distributor in Indonesia, the team implemented 1 Sound loudspeakers for the entire distributed system, which includes the upper-level dining indoor/outdoor space, the main dance floor and bar, the lawn with daybeds, and the beachfront pool.

The installation consisted of around 60 loudspeakers. For the seated dining areas on the upper level and under the overhang, Cannon C5 coaxials were deployed. The main bar and dance floor area with VIP tables saw the installation of two Contour CT212 and SUB2112 systems which utilised the Contour rigging system.

The CT28 is distributed in the rest of the space, mounted, and aimed from the ceiling in a horizontal deployment as well as from columns in a vertical deployment using the CT28 horizontal brackets and the CT28 wall brackets — supported by additional SUB2112s.

Transitioning from the open concept building out to the lawn are clusters of two CT28s and a SUB310. Seating by the beach and pool are supported with cardioid Tower LCC44s, SUB310s, and Cannon C6s. The swim-up pool bar deployed Cannon C4 marine loudspeakers.

Lou Mannarino, 1 Sound’s founder and designer, worked with Sontastic on the system optimisation when the installation was complete.

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