Powersoft releases training videos for ArmoníaPlus

Powersoft ArmoniaPlus screenshot

Italian amplifier manufacturer Powersoft has posted a series of ArmoníaPlus training videos on YouTube.

The hour-long set of tutorials covers new features introduced with the audio design software when it was released last October. The videos are designed to educate new users and update existing users who were familiar with the previous iteration of Armonía. 

ArmoníaPlus’s redesign includes a single window interface with four main views and offers hotkeys and an icon-based interface. Users can move through four main steps: Design, Config, Tune, and Show, each offering functions for different scenarios, as well as preset auditioning. The YouTube tutorials cover these functions and new features such as Shading, which allows the interface to reduce the gain of loudspeaker limiter thresholds coherently, keeping the balance between elements even if the system is limiting.