Rethink sound

The focused sound field and touchfree engagement of Audio Spotlight directional speakers is revolutionizing exhibit audio experiences for museums and beyond.

Audio Spotlight by Holosonics is a revolutionary audio technology that creates sound in a narrow beam, just like light. The thin speakers are easily positioned to provide immersive sound to a specific listening area while leaving the surrounding space quiet. Museums and other public venues value these focused sound directional speakers to provide high-quality, precisely controlled audio, sometimes in multiple zones that are close to each other.

Faced with the changed societal landscape generated by the pandemic, museum and gallery directors are rethinking exhibit designs and audio delivery systems to ensure the safety of patrons as well as staff members. While Audio Spotlight directional speakers have long been favored as a natural upgrade to traditional hand-held audio devices like headsets and listening wands, their demand exploded after the pandemic and the need for touchless audio became a public health concern.

Not only is disinfecting portable audio devices time consuming, expensive, and not completely effective, patrons have grown wary of their cleanliness and are opting to only visit venues that offer touchless technology. Audio Spotlight speakers deliver personalized audio experiences without requiring any physical contact by the listener and have rendered the alternatives obsolete.

At an exhibit in Germany, the museum’s managing director informed us that there were going to be more than two dozen separate stations with sound, grouped very closely together, and headphones were not going to be used because they would have created a sanitary concern and disrupted the exhibition’s overall appearance. The exhibit’s interior designer sought to implement an audio solution that was nearly invisible. Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight speakers were the ideal solution, and easily installed into each of the 25 key exhibits.

In addition to museums and galleries, focused-sound technology has been implemented to enhance public safety in a range of other venues and applications including libraries, hospitals, command centers, control rooms, and TSA checkpoints in airports. Marketing and sales industries have found the technology indispensable in stores, tradeshow displays, and OOH advertising. The sleek, inconspicuous design of the speakers allows a seamless integration into a wide variety of applications, while captivating listeners with their unrivaled sound quality and keeping them safe in a touchless environment.

Available in three models the Audio Spotlight is an ideal choice for museums who take the safety and experience of their patrons seriously.

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