ZeeVee wins SDVoE Members' Choice Award for Quadram Institute, UK

SDVoE_Alliance_2019 _Members_Choice_Award_Winners_YUAN_ZeeVee
Left to right: Andrea Chang from Yuan, Bob Michaels from ZeeVee and Justin Kennington from SDVoE Alliance

ZeeVee has won a SDVoE Members' Choice Award for the Quadram Institute installation for which it collaborated with Snelling Business Systems of the U.K.

Full coverage of the Quadram Institute installation can be found at Inavate EMEA.

SDVoE Alliance members voted to honour special achievement by member companies in two broad categories, project excellence and product innovation, at the organisation’s annual general meeting.

The winner of the project excellence award was ZeeVee's installation of ZyPer4K encoders and decoders at Quadram Institute, one of Europe’s largest endoscopic screening suites. Project Excellence finalists included the Christie Terra installation at Zurich Opera House and Aurora Multimedia’s installation at the Harrisburg University eSports facility.

This project came out ahead because it exemplified how SDVoE technology can help advance the practice of medicine and improve delivery of healthcare. The system supported the facility’s diagnostic, teaching and research mandates and is designed to handle more than 40,000 procedures each year.

The industry’s first PCIe video capture card to feature native SDVoE connectivity, YUAN’s SC710N1-L, received top honours for product innovation. Finalists for the product innovation award included Aurora Multimedia’s IPX-TC3-WP, the industry’s first SDVoE transceiver wall plate and Zigen’s IP-Logic AV distribution system.

Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance, said: “SDVoE-based products lead the industry in performance and are setting new benchmarks for marquee installations worldwide. We are proud to recognise ZeeVee’s and Yuan’s achievements as representative of our growing ecosystem that now includes 45 member companies with over 200 interoperable products."