Christie eyes 3D applications with projector launch

Christie is targeting 3D applications with the launch of the Mirage SST-6P, a dual-head 18,000 lumen, 4K, 6-Primary 3D RGB pure laser projection system.

It claims to deliver twice the onscreen brightness of traditional colour-comb 30,000-lumen lamp-based 3D projection systems and is suited to venues including theme parks, attractions and giant screen dome theatres.

The 6-Primary (6P) 3D dual-projector system uses two sets of RGB laser primaries with slightly off-set wavelengths: one for the right eye, and one for the left. Reusable passive 3D glasses filter different wavelengths and direct the light to the correct eye. Christie claims the result is a projection system that is 90% efficient at projecting light onto the screen, and white-screen compatible for blending the multi-projector arrays typically used in dome theatres and media-based attractions such as dark rides and flying theatres.

Mirage SST-6P uses TruLife electronics to deliver 4K 3D content up to 120fps per eye, with an option of up to 480fps at 2K.

The projection system uses two fibre-coupled projection heads with remote light sources and chillers. The projection heads have a heat output of less than 2400 BTU each. The system has omni-directional capabilities, uses solid-state illumination and is designed for installation in tight, challenging environments. Christie says it offers 30,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation to 80% brightness.

Christie Mirage SST-6P includes Christie Twist, for built-in warping and blending. It is compatible with Christie Mystique, an automated camera-based alignment software, and supports Christie Guardian for invisible, real-time, automatic blended-image correction, even when content is playing.

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