A flurry of microphones from Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica has unveiled a range of new microphones, each intended to fulfill a different and specific purpose for the professional AV industry.

First up is the Audio-Technica ATND971 cardioid condenser boundary network microphone. Bridging the gap between audio and IT, the wired microphone transmits audio and control data together over Audinate’s Dante network protocol. All that is required is a simple Ethernet connection and the microphone can communicate across an existing network with Dante-enabled devices.

The ATND971 also has a red/green LED status indicator and an integrated user switch to control anything from triggering a video camera pan/tilt to a room’s lighting preset. Dante can support up to 512bi-directional audio channels and hence offers an easily scalable solution which is a fit for boardrooms and other meeting spaces.

Audio-Technica has also unveiled two table-mounted, LED microphone devices in the form of the ES954/LED omni-directional microphone and the ES947/LED cardioid condenser boundary microphone. The products are aimed at the conferencing and audio recording applications.

Each microphone has an all-metal case with dual steel mesh grill as well as a low-profile design making table-top installation unobtrusive.Users have the option to locally mute and un-mute the microphone thanks to a capacitive-type touch, touch sensitive switch. The microphones also have a red/green LED indicator allowing the user to visually ascertain whether they are muted(red) or live (green).

Both the ES954/LED omni-directional microphone and the ES947/LED cardioid condenser boundary microphone are phantom powered, equipped with 3-pin XLRM output and have UniGuard RFI-shielding technology. Both models are available in black or silver.

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