Apart Audio introduces VINCI8S subwoofer

Apart Audio has introduced the VINCI8S subwoofer which is intended to accompany their VINCI4 and VINCI5 bookshelf speakers as well as the VINCI7 cabinet loudspeakers.

The VINCI8S has a bass reflex speaker design with an 8in long throw woofer. The cabinet is made of MDF with a high gloss paint finish. As with all VINCI products, the VINCI8S also has a magnetic removable grill. The VINCI8S is also supplied with both rubber feet and spikes.

The Apart VINCI8S active subwoofer with high power amplifier is designed to reproduce deep bass at moderate sound pressure levels. The subwoofer is intended to be easy to integrate due to its small dimensions.

At the back of the subwoofer an adjustable crossover frequency and level control potentiometer is available for blending of the VINCI8S with the main loudspeakers. It is also possible to set the VINCI8S in energy mode which makes the subwoofer switch off to standby mode automatically after a few minutes without any signal present at the inputs. In standby mode the subwoofer has a power consumption of less than 0.5 W.

Apart Audio intends the VINCI8S subwoofer to be utilized in sound systems for retail stores, shops, restaurants and meeting rooms.

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