Arista intros multiview video processor

Arista has introduced the MVD-104 multiview video processor, featuring four video input modules, four video output modules, and a 4-Port USB switch.

It is housed in a 2RU 19-in rackmount form factor and offers five predefined display modes, including Quad (screen is split into four fields of equal size; each displaying the entire contents of four different video sources), Picture on Picture (full screen display is accompanied by three small images), Picture in Picture (size, position and selection of the thumbnail images is customisable), Dual Mode (two images from two video sources are displayed side by side) and Video Wall Controller. The MVD-104 can be customized for different display modes.

The processor offers four swappable video input modules, each one with the option to accept analogue and digital video signals. The processor’s video input capability includes support for DVI/HDMI/3G-SDI and VGA/YPbPr/CVBS video signals. Similarly, the MVD-104 offers four swappable HDMI video output modules for use with 2x2 video wall displays or for four individual displays. Arista’s MVD-104 offers a video extender module for remote video source and remote display capability up to 100 metres via Cat6 cable. For applications requiring much longer extension for remote video source and remote display, an optional fibre video extender is available to connect a remote video source and remote display up to 1,000 metres.

Additional features include an integrated 4-port USB KVM switch as well as an audio output jack for audio monitoring, an Ethernet port for control software running on a remote computer, an RS-232 port for use with the MVD-108 control console, plus an IR (infrared) receiver for IR remote control purposes.

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