ArKaos intros MediaMaster 5.2 and previews An-Ki control

ArKaos will highlight its MediaMaster 5.2 software and preview its An-Ki control product on stand C67 in Hall 3.0 at Prolight+Sound 2018.

New features in MediaMaster 5.2 include DMX Merge to combine parameters like pan and tilt from a lighting console with video sources from MediaMaster. 

Pixel Blending offers a blend function; the colour output of a lighting console can be blended - via DMX from the lighting console - with the video output of MediaMaster.
Kling-Net Draft Devices allow a show to be prepared remotely - disconnected from the physical devices.

Extended Fixture Creation supports complete DMX Devices like moving heads with pan / tilt. Sixty-four Bit Support: for all applications enables quicker and more responsive operation.

ArKaos will also preview its An-Ki remote control and digital content management system, which is already embedded in the latest versions of MediaMaster software.
An-Ki uses a drag-and-drop interface and offers control over the internet so digital content appearing as projections or on any LED mappable surfaces / devices can be updated, synched or tweaked.

The control tool is suited to hotels, meeting rooms, retail parks / shopping centres, building facades and other public spaces.

It allows different surfaces or displays to be synchronised so they show the same material at the same time which is suited to events like simultaneous worldwide product launches and multi-location conferences straddling different time zones.

The An-Ki player will synchronise video sources running on two or more MediaMaster computers or media servers anywhere in the world. To achieve video frame synchronisation, An-Ki is based on the internet's Network Time Protocol (NTP). An-Ki can also be used with other media management platforms with a Syphon or Spout input.

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