QSC introduces Q-SYS video & control products

QSC has added a new product series to the Q-SYS platform. The NC Series network conference cameras and TSC Series Gen 3 network touch screen controllers.

Native to the Q-SYS OS, the NC Series includes three models; The Q-SYS NC-110 is the first fixed-lens, ePTZ camera available for Q-SYS, featuring a 110° horizontal field-of-view (hFOV) with digital zoom capabilities for smaller, wider rooms. The Q-SYS NC-12x80 (12x optical zoom, 80° horizontal FOV) and Q-SYS NC-20x60 (20x optical zoom, 60° horizontal FOV) both offer motorised pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) functionality to enable a broader range of room layouts, sizes and purpose.

In addition, all NC Series cameras include hardware to allow mounting above or below displays, providing greater flexibly for a wide variety of use cases. 

As native Q-SYS devices, the NC Series overcomes one-to-one routing, delivery and visual limitations of typical USB cameras. This is enabled by allowing as many Q-SYS IP camera streams on the network as necessary for the application, and then decoding, scaling and bridging to the host PC/compute with a Q-SYS USB-enabled edge device, all without the need for complicated programming or video matrix hardware. A consolidated AV stream is then delivered to any modern videoconferencing application like Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms or Google Meet via single driverless USB connection. 

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