Upgrade for Trantec S5 radio mics

Trantec, a TOA Group company, has upgraded its S5 series of radio microphones for professional musicians, theatre production companies, schools, places of worship, film studios and broadcasters.

The S5 series comprises the S5.5 and its variants. The S5.5 is a multi-channel UHF system that can operate up to 24 channels simultaneously and be used with a wide range of microphones or instrument cables. Upgraded features include an all black fascia design with colour backlit indicators, a stronger belt clip and an RF link out for cascading receivers. 

Its handheld transmitter now comes with a removable dynamic or condenser capsule, as well as the ability to use third party capsules. The in-built monitoring software has also been upgraded, with an RF Walk Test and compatibility with Windows 7, 8 and 10. The S5.5 “Rack 'n' Ready” systems can now be supplied in smaller rack sizes, as there is no requirement for antenna distribution units up to an eight way configuration.

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