LEA Professional adds DSP versions of its Connect Series amplifiers

LEA Professional is introducing advanced DSP versions of its Connect Series amplifiers.

The new advanced DSP versions of the Connect Series include 350-, 700-, and 1500-watt models with D-units providing Dante and AES67 connectivity.

Available in 2 channel (CS352-ADSP, CS702-ADSP, CS352D-ADSP, CS702D-ADSP) and 4 channel (CS354-ADSP, CS704-ADSP, CS1504-ADSP, CS354D-ADSP, CS704D-ADSP, CS1504D-ADSP) offerings, each features 96kHz linear phase FIR crossover filters with 2048 taps per channel, 4 seconds of input delay, under 10-second power-on to audio when PoE is used, and FIR-based speaker tunings. 

The new DSP versions enhance LEA Professional’s Network Connect Series of professional amplifiers and companion Dante Connect Series. 

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