HK Audio Contour X 210 LT provides long throw point source option as part of Concert Sound family

At Prolight + Sound 2024, HK Audio presents the CX 210 LT, the new top model in the Contour X series from the HK Audio Concert Sound portfolio.

The Contour X 210 LT passive point source loudspeaker aims to fulfil the highest demands in terms of workmanship, sound quality, and sound pressure. It complements the Contour X series with a flexible and powerful sound reinforcement tool for rough, daily use on live stages and for fixed installations.

CX 210 LT carries the sound in detail at the highest volume levels over long distances and shines not only as a powerful front PA system, but also as a side, front and outfill in large concert sound systems. It enables horizontal arrays to be set up very easily, which means that even large events can be covered cost-effectively without much effort.

The large 60-degrees x 25-degrees horn can be rotated for cluster operation. With the powerful 1.4-in driver with 3-in voice coil and the MCT (Multicell Transformer) developed by HK Audio, it offers very precise dispersion and even and defined coverage of the area to be covered. 210 stands for the two 10-in mid/high drivers, which form a homogeneous and powerful foundation.

With the high-quality, passive 24dB/oct. power amplifier channels can be saved. Made from high-strength birch multiplex with a hard-wearing PU coating, the enclosure can withstand the rigours of everyday life on the road well beyond the depreciation period.

The Integrated Cluster and Flyware (ICF) mechanism are new developments of HK Audio and greatly simplify the handling of the CX 210 LT. Thanks to the ICF built into the housing, no additional cluster and flyware is required. Cluster setups are created in no time at all.

For Lab.Gruppen and Powersoft amplifiers, pre-configured FIR filters with linearised phase response are available for all HK Audio CONCERT SOUND models and IIR filters for latency-critical applications. Another practical detail are the NL 4 sockets with pin selector switch. Two separate speaker groups can be connected with just one NL 4 cable.

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