Case Study: Premier Oil, Indonesia

Can you rectify a less than perfect first impression? Vega Indonesia details how it helped improve the AV experience for Premier Oil as the client moved office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Rectifying an AV experience that was not up to scratch was the task appointed to Vega Indonesia by Premier Oil. Peter Eduard, technical manager at Vega Indonesia, details: “The AV systems at Premier Oil’s old office had been implemented without a lot of input from AV professionals. Premier Oil felt that with the move to a new office, they could start with a clean slate. They had a bad experience with AV previously but wanted to devote time and effort to make sure that the problems they had in the past would be rectified. They planned and considered the AV systems, focusing on the experience and audio aspects, and engaged Vega Indonesia to make sure that the AV systems caused no issues.”

He continues: “The project was initiated in June 2018 which was when we started discussing the requirements with Premier Oil and finding out what their expectations of the AV system were. We started work in September 2018 and the handover for the project was near the end of January 2019. This was a complete design and build project handled by Vega Indonesia.

“Firstly, Premier Oil has a number of rooms and spaces and many of these had different purposes and functions. Our task was to take these different spaces, with their different purposes, and craft an overarching user experience that would be similar. The client emphasised that they wanted a unified and consistent user experience across all the spaces.”

Eduard continues: “Secondly, Premier Oil’s previous experience with AV was not positive. Certain aspects of the spaces in their old office, such as the acoustics and the overall audio, were not at a high standard. In particular, there were problems with speech intelligibility and audio quality when it came to discussion.”

Once the parameters were pinpointed, the integrator went to work. Eduard says: “A number of parties were involved with the Premier Oil project, from the interior designer to other contractors, and we had to work with them to make sure all the pressure points for the client were addressed.”

Addressing audio

Without proper sound, meeting rooms and discussion spaces are not fulfilling their core function. Vega Indonesia worked hard to deliver quality audio.

Eduard says: “When it came to audio, the main point was to increase speech intelligibility. But at the same time, we had to make sure that the conversations remained private. There are a number of confidential meetings that take place in the meeting spaces which had to be considered.”

The route to the solution for Premier Oil’s audio woes was an obvious one. Eduard details: “A lot of AV problems can be eliminated if you have strong AV fundamentals. This is the approach that Vega Indonesia took. The noise was reduced by choosing speaker placement properly after taking into account the space. We made sure that there was a proper centre, right and left channel. Following good acoustic principles for speaker placement immediately and instantly eliminated a number of problems.”

He continues: “We also worked with the other contractors and in particular the interior designer to make sure that the speaker placements we suggested were viable. The aesthetics of any space are important and collaboration with the interior designer is crucial. Sometimes the interior design requirements took precedence and we had to go back to the drawing board but on the whole, I believe that both aesthetics and acoustics are top notch.”

Across the multiple meeting rooms, boardroom and emergency response room at Premier Oil, the audio system has been standardised. JBL 26CT ceiling speakers provide audio, amplification is delivered by Crown DCi amplifiers and the audio system is managed by BSS Blu DSPs. AKG wireless handheld and clip-on microphone systems are also provided where needed.

Standardising UX

Delivering a standardised user experience is easier said than done. Eduard explains: “Each room had its own unique purpose and you can say a unique, different personality. So, one of the most challenging parts of this project was to bring a standardised user experience to the customer while also maintaining the differences. How do you balance the need and requirement for a wide range of functions with the requirement for standardised user experience?”

He continues: “Every single solution that we considered, chose and delivered was selected with the client’s use case in mind and we always asked ourselves how it would improve the user experience. We really strove to build a flexible solution and make it perfect.”

Thankfully, Vega Indonesia had a starting point from which to move forward and craft the desired UX. Eduard says: “Videoconferencing has been standardised with Skype for Business, this is the main conferencing platform for Premier Oil and hence the main UX touch point as well.”

With the selection of Skype for Business cemented, the integrator proceeded to develop and deploy the required AV systems. Eduard says: “We chose Crestron Mercury to deliver access to Skype for Business in the meeting rooms. The Mercury is an all-in-one system and it is easy to manage, easy to set up and handles all the VC needs.”

While Mercury is used in the smaller rooms, AMX is employed for distribution in the larger spaces while also providing an option for wired connectivity. Connectivity and cabling from Extron and Kramer bring the whole system together. Control is provided by AMX processors and touch panels.

Projection is used as the primary display technology at Premier Oil, with a mix of Epson EB-1470Ui projectors and legacy Hitachi projectors from the old office being pressed into service. Regarding the choice of display, Eduard says: “Premier Oil wanted large displays for their rooms and when you are talking about large display sizes, it is very cost efficient to do this with projection. It is a mature technology that still has a lot to offer in the corporate space.”

On the whole project, Eduard comments: “UX is much more than just technology. It involves a number of other aspects, such as interior design and this is where our collaboration with the other contractors helped.”

While the Premier Oil project is complete and the office is up and running, Vega Indonesia is already in talks to improve the AV deployment. Eduard says: “Premier Oil wants to develop a command centre at its office. They already have an emergency response room which serves as a command centre of sorts with displays on two walls. But they want to upgrade and improve the space and move to a larger number of displays spread across three sides of the room. I can see videowalls and KVM systems being required to make their vision a reality. They really want to visualise the content in a very dynamic way.”

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