Malaysia: Poised for progress

The Malaysian professional AV industry has hit a few bumps along the road in recent times. But, Hurrairah bin Sohail discovers a bright future for the country.

Every country in Southeast Asia has its own unique professional AV industry shaped by local trends and sensibilities. Malaysia is no different. Bordered by countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, Malaysia finds itself at the centre of a region where the professional AV industry is flourishing. But what is the state of the market in Malaysia?

Integrated Audio Visual Sdn Bhd (IAV), part of AV Electronics Marketing (AVEM), has been part of the Malaysian professional AV scene since 1994. The local integrator made a name for itself when it was involved in handling the AV needs of the Malaysian government’s Putrajaya administrative centre in the 1990s. At present, IAV maintains a strong presence in the government sector while also servicing the needs of private, corporate clients.

Andy Ng, marketing manager for AVEM, says: “[The Malaysian market is] not a mature market but also cannot be classi?ed as an emerging market.”

“If you look at Singapore, it is an advanced and mature market. Comparatively, you an see that Malaysia is still at an intermediate stage. A good example would be the adoption of digital equipment. Singapore started to go digital about ten years ago. But Malaysia, they are just starting to make the switch to digital equipment and digital AV in the last few years.”

Supplying such a system requires more than just installing the relevant communication solutions.

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