Case study: Special Senior Officials Meeting, Singapore

Plenary Layout - Wireless Dicentis Microphones

The Special Senior Officials Meeting (SOM), organised by ASEAN, involves the ASEAN Member States and representatives from other councils and authorities. The purpose of the meeting this year to discuss the world’s energy accomplishments for 2018 and the priority plans for the year ahead.

Congress Rental provided support the three-day event, held at the Singapore Intercontinental Hotel from the January 21 to 23, 2019.

The plenary was fitted with a rectangular conference table and 16 evenly distributed Bosch Dicentis Wireless Conference Microphones for each delegate. To support the speaker and delegates, there was a Congress Rental Technician onsite throughout the event.

The conference microphones were pre-programmed to display the client’s logo on the screen. The microphones allowed delegates to press their request-to-speak button, to put themselves in the queue. The chairperson then controlled the delegates requests using a touch-screen laptop, pre-programmed with easy-to-use software. This allowed the chairperson to approve, delete, add and order the queued delegates. During the event, the chairperson commended the technician on how simple and effective the system was to operate.

Throughout the three-day event, there were multiple requests to add and remove microphones. Congress Rental’s procedures ensured that we were prepared with additional microphones for unexpected eventualities. The technician onsite was able to improve the overall intelligibility of the audio from the PA, by using Congress Rental’s operating software to turn off the microphones after the delegates finished speaking.