Unseen fixtures

Brackets and mounts might not be seen, but no one will argue that their presence for specific installations is essential. Hurrairah bin Sohail speaks to industry players and uncovers the trends shaping the market.

There are many parts to a professional AV installation and not all the equipment gets a share of the limelight. Everyone sees the impressive display panels or the ? ashy speakers at a venue but not many pay thought to the brackets and mounts that keep the products in place.

Nick Spencer, marketing manager at B-Tech, talks about the trends in the brackets and mounts market at present: “Sales of standard TV brackets for use in the home continue to be dominated by low cost local brands but there are great opportunities to be found in the digital signage and video wall markets. Much like the rest of the world, these areas of the industry are seeing rapid growth and these types of installations typically require more comprehensive mounting solutions.”

Spencer continues and identifies specific areas where the demand for brackets and mounts is healthy: “The commercial and public sectors continue to provide great opportunities with broadcast, digital signage, security, exhibition and rental being key areas. Airports, retail outlets, sports stadia, restaurants, hotels and public buildings are typical environments that require mounting solutions.”

Nathan Bohl, director of project management at Chief, highlights why the demand for brackets and mounts is growing: “As displays keep lowering in cost, demand for mounts increases. More and more businesses are replacing static signage with digital menus, way?nding and more.” As long as displays become more affordable, end users will always require brackets and mounts to keep them in place.

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