Case Study: WYSIATI, India

Lighting at the WYSIATI art installation

Inavate APAC explores the 'WYSIATI' art installation in India that makes innovative use of lighting from Harman to provide every visitor a unique experience and spectacle.

‘WYSIATI (What You See Is All There Is). Or is it?’ is an art installation created by Harmeet Singh Issar and Sanjeev Nangia as part of iGuzzini’s ‘Light First’ exhibit. It takes different forms depending on where you stand, stimulating people to stop, reflect and take a new perspective. In order to achieve this effect, Issar and Nangia hired architectural lighting experts, Design Matrix, who selected Martin by Harman Rush Par 4 UV and Rush Batten 1 Hex fixtures for high-output ultra-bright UV light.

‘WYSIATI’ is constructed using fluorescent pigment, wire mesh, and high-gloss mirror sheets strung across the tree-lined boulevard. Rush Par 4 UV fixtures illuminate the wire sculpture with an ultra-bright UV LED light, morphing the texture of each surface as viewers move around the exhibit. Rush Batten 1 Hex fixtures provide controllable electronic dimming, strobe, and pulse effects, allowing the designers to achieve a variety of looks.

Harmeet Singh Issar, creator of ‘WYSIATI’, said: “Our goal with this design was for no two people to have the same viewing experience. Martin lighting fixtures were the obvious choice for this project, as they’re the only professional blacklight fixtures on market with optics, allowing us to alter the directionality and intensity of light to get the perfect visuals.”

Prashant Govindan, senior director of India and SAARC at Harman Professional Solutions, said: “Martin lighting has long been associated with creative lighting art in the west. In India this is one of the brilliant instances when art has been presented with such creativity and innovation. I thank Harmeet for bringing such works of creativity to Indian audiences.”