Microphones in demand

Hurrairah bin Sohail discusses the state of fixed installation microphones in Asia Pacific with manufacturers with a special focus on how networked microphones are faring in the market.

Microphones are an essential component of many commercial, fixed AV installations. They are deployed in places ranging from corporate boardrooms to university teaching spaces.

Stanley Chiu, manager for product marketing at Shure Asia Limited, says: “The Asian markets [for installed microphones] in general are growing at a fast pace, infrastructure development is underway, new facilities are being built etc. and end-users want to integrate the latest technologies in their networks.”

As can be expected, demand for microphones originates from multiple different sectors. William Yu, regional general manager and director of sales APAC for Revolabs, says: “The sectors demanding installed microphones solutions in the APAC region are vast. Currently, there is tremendous growth in the corporate and education sectors as well as those government and utility entities that have control and command centres, where installed microphones are required.”

Chui also details: “We see growing demand from clients in commercial, corporate, education, government, and hospitality sectors. That includes, but is not limited to, exhibition and conference centers, corporate headquarters and buildings (more and more corporate headquarters are now located in Asian cities), universities, parliaments and other government departments, hotels etc.”

The latest trends in the individual sectors where installed microphones are employed influence how the technology is being utilized. Yu says: “In the APAC region a growing trend in most conference rooms is to become a ‘smart’ conference room where it is no longer used just for local meetings instead it can transform into a meeting room where collaboration and conferencing over a network with business associates and peers remotely can be accomplished.”

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