Inavate + Shure: Singapore Management University, Singapore

Singapore Management University (SMU) is a leading academic institution known for its world-class research and innovative teaching methods, committed to providing a dynamic learning experience for its students.

In response to the evolving educational landscape, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, SMU has been proactive in adopting technology to enhance its teaching and learning environment.

To address the challenges posed by the rise of hybrid learning models, SMU sought to upgrade the audio solutions in its large seminar rooms with high-performing audio solutions that could enhance the learning experience of their students and academic instructors, regardless of whether they were attending in-person or remotely. Shure, in collaboration with Spectrum Audio Visual Pte Ltd, recommended a comprehensive audio upgrade using the Microflex Ecosystem solution.

This solution included the installation of the Shure P300 audio conferencing processor, ceiling speakers, and the MXA920 ceiling array microphone in two seminar rooms in their campus. The MXA920 ceiling array microphone, a key component of the upgrade, boasts Voice Llift applications that amplify the voices of instructors and students, ensuring clear communication across the entire room in a hybrid learning environment. Its Steerable Coverage™ technology allows flexibility in installation, capturing audio from any direction for optimal pickup. Paired with the P300 audio conferencing processor, the MXA920 achieves a voice lift system, enhancing the overall audio quality.

In addition, Microflex MXN5W-C Networked Ceiling loudspeakers were installed based on room size to deliver high-quality sound reproduction, ensuring that students can clearly hear the instructor's voice. Despite facing challenges such as structural issues during the integration process, Shure's expertise and technology, including the MXA920 and IntelliMix® Room Audio Processing Software, facilitated accurate calibration and delivered crystal-clear audio to the seminar rooms.

The upgraded audio solution allowed SMU to future-proof its seminar rooms, eliminating the need for handheld microphones and providing seamless audio coverage for conferencing and hybrid learning. Gerard Chua, Manager of Integrated Information Technology Services at SMU, expressed the flexibility of the MXA920s in configuration, highlighting the effectiveness of its 'Automatic Coverage' mode for hybrid classes.

The Shure next-gen MXA920 ceiling array microphone played a crucial role in providing exceptional voice lift and sound reinforcement. Voice Llift ensures uniform amplification of the instructor's voice across the room, essential for engaging large audiences in a university setting. Sound reinforcement, achieved through with the S hure solution's ceiling speakers, guarantees clear and even sound coverage throughout the room, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Moreover, the use of ceiling microphones eliminates the need for academic instructors to carry handheld microphones, allowing them to move freely around the room and engage with students more effectively. The Shure Microflex Ecosystem seamlessly integrates to provide SMU with a high-quality audio system tailored for hybrid learning and conferencing trends, ensuring that the institution stays at the forefront of educational technology. With this upgrade, SMU is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of its students and faculty and thereby, providing an exceptional learning experience.

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