Inavate + Shure: Speed and simplicity

Evan Groom talks about how the MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array brings a whole new dimension of features and outcomes to the Shure Microflex Ecosystem.

Meeting spaces are in high demand, and they need to be designed and deployed with speed to enable hybrid working routines for users. Participants, whether they are in-room or joining remotely, need to be heard, they need to be able to listen, and they need to feel included in discussions.

Enter the Shure MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array which is looking to meet the modern needs of end users and AV professionals when it comes to meeting spaces. Evan Groom, manager, global product management, Shure, expands: “The MXA902 is the world’s first beamforming ceiling array with an integrated loudspeaker. It combines key technologies from our flagship MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone with a widedispersion loudspeaker, creating a complete audio solution in a single device.”

The first question that arises is a technical one, how can a microphone and loudspeaker exist in the same product? Doesn’t this go against conventional wisdom? Groom answers: “Being a leading innovator in the audio market, Shure likes to bend the rules of physics. So, of course, we would tackle the challenge of putting a loudspeaker directly next to an array of microphone elements! We have a strong track record of experience to back up our claims and we can assure you that the MXA902 meets Shure's high standards of performance, as well as the demanding certification requirements of leading collaboration platforms including Microsoft Teams.”

The main objective of the MXA902 is to deliver audio clarity for users. Groom details: “With the return to office being a hybrid experience, we started seeing the need for more meeting equity. In short, meeting equity means an equal experience for meeting participants whether they are physically in an office or working remotely. Ensuring all participants in the room are picked up clearly and accurately while also allowing remote participants’ voices to be dispersed evenly throughout a room is what the MXA902 was designed to do.”

At the same time, the MXA902 addresses the need of users and AV professionals to get meeting spaces up and running at speed. Groom adds: “The MXA902 requires very minimal configuration – out-of-the-box settings are optimal to get most mid-sized rooms started. It also requires very minimal installation time – just drop it into a ceiling tile and power it on with a single POE+ network cable and that’s all you need.” He continues: “We saw a strong desire for simple, yet effective meeting solutions. The MXA902 was designed with simplicity in mind. So, everything from installing to configuring is very easy. It was designed specifically to excel in small to mid-sized rooms where a single MXA902 with out-ofthe- box settings creates a phenomenal and equitable meeting experience for all participants.”

To conclude, Groom details how the new addition of the MXA902 to the Microflex family expands Shure’s offering for meeting spaces of every shape and size. He says: “The MXA902 is another great tool in the Microflex Ecosystem portfolio for integrators, IT managers and AV decision makers. In contrast, the MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone remains the flagship of the category. It can scale to any size room, provide extremely accurate talker coordinates for XYZ-based camera tracking applications, be configured for voice lift, as well as sound reinforcement configurations. When complex requirements need to be met the MXA920 is the best fit. But when simplicity and speed are desired, the MXA902 is ready to step up. It can be setup in minutes without compromising on the overall performance levels required for premium audio in meeting spaces.”

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