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Line array systems have multiple applications and uses. Hurrairah bin Sohail speaks to manufacturers to discover how line arrays are faring in the APAC market.

Loudspeakers can be divided into two categories, line array and point source. Delving further, line arrays come in many shapes and sizes. Patrick Hau, senior manager for AP regional marketing, installed sound at Bosch, notes: “The application determines the type of loudspeaker to be used. Asia Pacific has a large number of mid-sized line array installations as compared to other regions. Mid-sized line arrays are relatively more popular in most venue applications.”

Dai Minrui, sales director, Shanghai MYC Technology, a distributor for Kling & Freitag in China echoes the sentiment: “The option of line array hinges on the demand of application. Products which are highly recognized and renowned in the market become more popular. In a word, the market demand determines how people use line arrays.”

David Cooper, sales manager for Asia at L-Acoustics, comments: “Line arrays currently dominate the live touring market, and also form the majority of the live performance installations of the audio business in Asia Pacific.”

Minrui adds: “Speaking about the Chinese market, the new procurement of portable system really focuses on line array speakers, which approximately accounts for 60% of this category. The installation demand is still the minority and only occupies 30% of the market share. The leading products in the marketplace fall into mid-size and compact levels, on the top of full-size line array products procured by one or two large pro-rental companies in the country.”

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