Commanding control

Command and control rooms have stringent demands on performance and end user expectations are increasing. Hurrairah bin Sohail explores the sector with manufacturers and integrators.

The human brain’s capacity for processing large chunks of information is greatly increased when data is organized and ordered for it. A well designed command and control room will achieve this aim.

Brady O. Bruce, vice president of marketing and strategic alliance at Jupiter Systems, explains the necessity of command and control rooms: “What we see around the world is consistent: the requirement by both public and private enterprise to visualize more of their organizations’ information in real time in order to address complex operations. With far-?ung operations, complex supply chains, extraordinary distribution networks and a 24/7 schedule to maintain, the global enterprise needs to see what it must manage and to understand what is happening at any place and time. This is no less true for a traf?c management agency, a public utility, a police department or a national defence force.”

Guy Van Wijmeersch, director strategic marketing at Barco, says it is a demand that is growing: “Globally, control rooms are growing as well as different industries that are dealing with complex processes, system monitoring of large area and distributed decision taking with multiple federations or agencies involved.”

Akira Yamada, business manager in the display wall division at Mitsubishi Electric, says the demand for command and control rooms in Asia Paci?c has been steadily growing: “The control room business in the South East Asia region is still buoyant. We expect to see an annual growth of between 5% and 10% depending on the economic growth of individual countries.”

Luckily for end users, professional AV video streaming solutions are becoming more affordable Jerry Kushnir, senior technical adviser for Extron Australia (previously known as RGB Integration), says: “Streaming is becoming more affordable with many AV manufacturers now offering product solutions to the market.”

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