Peer Review: Blackmagic Design MultiView 16

The Blackmagic Design MultiView 16 reviewed by Neil Trenell, MD of Fix8 Group (UK).

Blackmagic MultiView 16 allows users to choose from a 2x2 layout for four sources, 3x3 layout for nine sources and 4x4 layout for 16 simultaneous sources, all from the front panel. Thanks to its full frame re-synchroniser each of the inputs can be any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD, all at the same time, like having 16 independent broadcast monitors on the single display.

It operates natively in Ultra HD so it can be used with an UHD monitor or television for twice the image sharpness.

Why did you choose this product?

We like the Blackmagic functionality. It’s very simple, quick and efficient. It fits in a good form factor and is at a very reasonable price point. It also does HDMI out which is essential as we’re not always in an HDSDI-based environment. It sits in the network and we can control it remotely. It beats everything on the market at that price point – there is an element of limited functionality but you’d have to pay double if not triple to get more functionality out of something else.

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