Peer review: Panasonic High Definition Visual Communications (HDVC) KX-VC1600

Panasonic High De?nition Visual Communications (HDVC) KX-VC1600 reviewed by Murphy Sim, director at Hyper Communications.

The Panasonic High De?nition Visual Communications (HDVC) KX-VC1600 is a platform for multi-site, enterprise grade videoconferencing over an intranet or the internet. Videoconferencing can be conducted simultaneously at up to 10 different sites although this functionality is subject to various product model offerings.  

Hyper Communications is a system integrator based in Singapore providing comprehensive telecommunications, CCTV surveillance, AV and networking and structured cabling systems. The integrator has years of experience delivering and installing Panasonic products, including the latest HDVC videoconferencing solution.

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