Peer Review: Vtron Digicom ARK3000

Vtron Digicom ARK3000 reviewed by Sky Jung, Cisnet Co. Ltd (South Korea).

Cisnet Co. Ltd is a system integrator based in Korea providing rear projection wall cubes, control systems, audio videos and CCTV systems solutions. The integrator has 14 years of experience delivering and installing a range of display and processing solutions in different types of control rooms and for a variety of applications. These solutions include products from Vtron, which Cisnet has provided for end-users including Korea Hyundai Motors Studio.

The Vtron Digicom ARK3000 was used as part of the aforementioned installation and it is a real-time hardware based video wall processor. The ARK3000 is designed for be a flexible and modular solution that seeks to deliver intelligent system monitoring and reliability for 24/7 operations.

Why did you choose this product?

The Vtron Digicom ARK3000 video wall is extremely powerful video processor in the industry and has the capacity to drive up to 336 displays. In addition, the processor is able to handle 4K video content because it supports direct 4K DP input and adopts System synchronisation Clock (SSC) algorithm to achieve 100% high image synchronisation across the entire wall. The VTRON Digicom ARK3000 can also be applied in scattered control centers throughout a building or across the country with its fiber optic interface capability.

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