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In the light of a high profile security breach at the P5+1 conference held in Europe, Hurrairah bin Sohail speaks with manufacturers about how security can be tightened.

ISE 2015 saw the introduction of a number of congress and conference products. A little more than six months down the road, manufacturers report that their latest solutions have been well received and implemented in various markets.

All in all, manufacturers are focussing on capitalising on small shifts in trends rather than seismic upheaval in the Asia Pacific markets. Jan Du, marketing supervisor at Gonsin, says: “We think that the APAC congress market has not experienced great changes over the last year, but the development trend of product technology towards wireless technology becomes more and more obvious and popular. The demand of mobile installation (or wireless product) has gradually become the mainstream. However, currently wireless products have not surpassed fixed installation.”

Yimen Hou, vice general manager for Taiden, says: “More and more international conferences and congresses are rotating to APAC, while the domestic congress market has been prospering as well. Multimedia components and remote participation features are redefining the way that people hold congress thus new technologies are introduced to the field to meet such demands. Taiden’s flagship product, Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal has been a hit since its launch, as it satisfies exactly the emerging needs for multimedia functions.”

As Hou highlights, the government and public sector is driving growth in Asia Pacific. But the private sector is stepping up and redressing the balance. Hou adds: “Congress demands from private sectors are growing amazingly. With governments cutting their budget, congress expenses got affected inevitably. So we see private sector market with huge potential.”

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