Setting the Agenda: Jeff Rodman, Polycom

Hurrairah bin Sohail chats with Jeff Rodman, co-founder of Polycom, about the exceptional opportunities for growth in the videoconferencing sector for those who understand that productivity needs to be at the heart of unified communications and collaboration.

Reports suggest that there are approximately 40 million spaces worldwide that can be designated as meeting rooms. More interestingly, only five percent of these spaces have video capabilities for the purpose of conferencing. It is easy to surmise that the potential market for videoconferencing is large and untapped. However, capitalising on this potential for manufacturers is not a simple matter.

Jeff Rodman, co-founder of Polycom, says: “The majority of the 40 million spaces are all different. To address this what is needed, and what Polycom does, is to have a variety of solutions that all work. A large space, such as a conventional boardroom, may present issues with microphone placement and this may require customisation. But customers on the whole do not want custom systems, they want systems that can be dropped in.”

Rodman believes that videoconferencing is one of the most essential tools for productivity and that end-users must be brought around to this line of thinking. Videoconferencing has the potential to power the modern work force by providing flexibility in terms of location and timing. However, to do so videoconferencing has to become seamless and intuitive.

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