Setting the agenda: Toshiharu Okimuro, Casio

AV has to consider a future where end-users will be environmentally conscious. Toshiharu Okimuro talks about what Casio is doing to make projectors more eco-friendly.

Casio is rightfully regarded as one of the pioneers of LED and laser technology for projection. The company is credited with introducing a lamp-free projector in 2010 and has since then continued to develop similar products.

Innovation is part of Casio’s ethos. Toshiharu Okimuro, executive officer, general manager of digital signage division, global marketing headquarters at Casio Computer Co. Ltd., says: “Casio’s corporate creed of ‘creativity and contribution’ expresses the company’s commitment to contributing to society by offering original and useful products that benefit consumers and the wider society.”

Sticking to its guns, Casio is sticking with hybrid, lamp-free products which it sees as the future of projection technology. This commitment is embodied by its latest Laser and LED hybrid XJ-V1 projector.

Okimuro says: “With staggering news and reports highlighting the importance of environmental sustainability due to over usage of the Earth’s resources, Casio going ‘Lamp free for a Brighter Future’ has been on the drawing board since 2007-2008.”

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