Audio networking: On IP infrastructure

Hurrairah bin Sohail explores the world of audio networking and finds out how manufacturers can leverage the advantages of digital distribution to improve their offerings.

The latest Global Networking Tracking Study, analysing the adoption of audio networking conducted by RH Consulting, included a specific survey for the Asian market. Results from the study revealed that nearly 70% of the respondents were using audio networking in at least half of their projects.

In addition, the number of respondents not using audio networking also declined by 5% compared to the previous year. Trent Wagner, senior product manager at Symetrix, says: “[Adoption of audio networking is rising] simply due to the fact that more products utilising network audio become available to the market every day. As a result, more consultants are specifying it in their tenders and integrators find more ways to leverage network audio in their installations.”

Zach Snook, audio products manager at Biamp, says: “We see more and more of our devices utilising the network for control and media sharing. Another important question to ask is why are we seeing this? To answer this we must remember that networks were designed to carry information between devices no matter what the actual information is [i.e they are data agnostic]. This has made modern networking the delivery method of choice for any industry you can imagine; the AV industry is no different. As infrastructure costs go down, versatility goes up, system scope and scale increase, and technical features start to advance at an increasing rate. These are all reasons you find industries relying on networking, and integrators working on networked solution projects.”

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