Addressing the needs of tomorrow's workspace

Every business is unique and the response to the challenges of work today needs to be tailored to specific needs and requirements of the business. No matter what your upgrade outcome looks like, Shure is willing to lend a helping hand.

As IT and business leaders prepare for the future of work, they have understood that the new ways of working and collaboration require new approaches to spaces and technology. Upgrades need to be considered if today’s workforce is to be equipped with the tools to help them be productive.

Research reveals the weightage for the core drivers to upgrade or replace old technology across businesses as: 35% due to quality and reliability issues, 34% over security concerns, 26% because of limited interoperability with third-party solutions and 25% resulting from lack of latest features and capabilities.

On top of this, research helmed by Shure in partnership with Frost & Sullivan has found that the number of people working from home had soared, with many saying they wanted to continue to work remotely post Covid-19. These numbers have continued to rise and 71% of workers want to continue working from home.

Working from home has introduced a new consideration, ‘the remote participant’. It is important that remote participants should not be at a disadvantage – they need to hear and be heard within the conversation. This demands investment in high quality, reliable and easy to use audio solutions.

With these new considerations, it is important to perform accurate and comprehensive needs analysis in order to properly identify the drivers for an upgrade as well as settle on desired outcomes.

A core question that needs to be answered before any upgrade is undertaken is ‘How do you drive employee productivity amid changing workplace and work style demands?’. Enabling people to connect and collaborate at anytime from anywhere is crucial. And the expected proliferation of distributed work is among the top factors causing organisations to re-think their meeting rooms.

Expanding on the concept of distributed work it is important to ask, ‘Can everyone collaborate – from anywhere?’. Shure has a range of collaboration tools designed to ensure meetings are inclusive and productive. Most of their products are also certified to work with popular virtual meeting platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco etc.

Conferencing features such as audio, video, screen share, host controls, recording, chat, and more drive interactive and professionally conducted meeting sessions. Need analysis can easily pinpoint how these features can improve work and spaces for any business.

Lastly, the core requirement for any upgrade process needs to address the question ‘Can everyone hear?’. Getting the room acoustics right is crucial. Excellent audio ensures people joining remotely can hear, and be part of, the in-room meeting effortlessly. Ensuring clear audio will help fully engage all active parties in collaborative sessions.

At Shure, we believe that the requirements and needs of businesses should be met by solutions that are easy to install and easy to manage. Shure’s network audio devices installed in ceilings, walls and tables, and placed on tabletops work together as systems, from configuration through installation, use to management and monitoring. Standardisation on certified audio devices streamlines room audio management and drives user adoption. To top it off, remote management empowers support staff with full control from anywhere.

The evolving and shifting state of work means that every business will have to respond in a way that addresses its specific needs and requirements. With Shure’s flexible and adaptable solutions and systems, there is an upgrade path available for everyone to take their business to the next level.

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