Alcons Audio appoints distributor for Japan

Alcons Audio has appointed Osaka-based E’Spec as its Japanese distributor. Initial talks between the companies had started at the ISE 2019, when E’Spec approached Alcons with a keen interest to become its distributor for Japan.

E’Spec’s Yoshiaki ‘Yoshi’ Yamaguchi said: “For the past 20 years, there have been very few systems which feature truly innovative technology. Currently there is almost no difference in the system quality from different manufacturers. Equipment choice is based on slight differences in sound quality, cost performance and usability.

Yoshi adds: “Our aim is to showcase the many advantages of this technology that none of the other manufacturers has, so that users will not want to choose other systems in future. With Alcons, we are sure that we can change the Japanese professional loudspeaker market.”

Tom Back, Alcons Audio co-founder and managing director, commented: “With the high-end solutions we offer, and the specific positioning of Alcons in the market, we maintain a strict profile in our distribution policy. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about quality and the end-user focus in support and communication. Furthermore, the Japanese market is very tech-savvy, which we experience regularly in our patent applications in Japan. Based on the activities already set in motion by Joe Akiyama, Yoshi and their team, we very much look forward teaming-up in bringing our evolutionary audio solutions to the Japanese audio community.”

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