Setting The Agenda: Paul Salvini, Christie

Paul Milligan spoke with Paul Salvini, the CTO of Christie, to find out where the high-end projector manufacturer is headed. "We always look to push what's possible," is a quote we'd expect to hear from someone at Google or Apple. But it's from the CTO of projector giant Christie.

Paul Salvini, working from the company’s base in Kitchener, Canada, is tasked with the job of looking far down the road to ensure the company is developing technology that meets the needs of its customers.

Salvini’s background, a BMath in mathematics, an MA and PhD in engineering and an MBA is the right blend of art, technology and business he needs for his role. Salvini is keen to stress the high-end projector manufacturer has a deep-seated culture of innovation that infuences technical developments at the company.

Another infuence on where the company is heading is what AV integrators are doing with its technology, and what they want it to do in the future.

"We have a team of engineers and researchers, who are trying to figure out what’s possible, and a little beyond," he says. He believes it’s the role of product management to build a bridge between what the customer needs, and what its engineers imagine is possible, "that’s where great things happen," he says.

In the full article Salvini talks about Christie works with integrators to give them the products they need, and the future markets the company is looking to exploit.
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