Alcons Audio system serves audio for Grace restaurant, China

Grace is a national Chinese chain of bars and restaurants which feature live music to entertain diners. The latest venue in Yangjiang city, Guangdong province, China has chosen an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system to overcome architectural challenges and serve quality audio. Guangzhou-based EAD designed and installed the sound reinforcement system.

Grace in Yangjiang features a main area and a mezzanine with internal architecture that created significant acoustic challenges. Its classical Chinese style incorporates a tiled roof decoration with varying heights, producing multiple reflections. Additionally, a tall decorative column caused cause issues with sound coverage from one side of the stage. EAD chose an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon solution to overcome the challenges and potential issues.

The main dining area is covered by four RR12 point-source array modules, with four BF362 high-output subwoofers installed under the stage. Four VR8 compact versatile monitors cover the mezzanine area, with two more filling the area behind the decorative column. These have a set delay to ensure the frequency response curve and sound pressure on the left and right sides of the space are equal. The system is managed by two Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

Kanon Liang, EAD’s Alcons systems designer and one of the project’s construction supervisors, said: “We set up the RR12s in increments of 30-degrees in the coupling plane and, thanks to their asymmetric 60-degrees (+20-degree/-40-degree) in the non-coupling plane, we could cover the dining area but avoid the stage, meaning microphone feedback was not an issue.”

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