Analog Way supports Heineken’s Live Your Music regional tour in Malaysia

Heineken conducted its “Live Your Music” regional tour in Malaysia through November and December, 2017 with a series of curated music events featuring Tiesto and 88rising at the KL Life Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Event organizers Future Sound Asia used Analog Way’s Ascender 16 - 4K as a 4K scaler and switcher to seamlessly switch between resident and visiting VJs during the shows.

Especkerman, production manager and set designer for Future Sound Asia, commented: “We decided to break away from the usual straight rigid lines and come up with something fluid, thus the S-curved left and right wings flanking the centre screens. We wanted people on the dance floor to feel immersed in the set with the top and balcony LED, which we're filled with custom-designed content supplied by KBK Visuals from Holland.”

Analog Way’s French headquarters shipped the Ascender from France to arrive at Suara Cahaya Services, the event’s visual hardware vendor in Kuala Lumpur.

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