Audinate wins Emmy award for AoIP technology

Audinate won the technology and engineering Emmy award for its contributions in enabling the production industry’s transition of analogue audio and video onto IP networks.

Audinate developed Dante, a standard for AV connectivity which allows legacy audio and video connections to be replaced with computer networking. 
The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences identified Audinate’s work with an Emmy Award for the “Development of synchronised multi-channel uncompressed audio transport over IP networks.” 

Aidan Williams, CEO, Audinate said: “We remain focused on improving the way the world sounds in every application where audio matters. From the local performance space to the voice conferencing solution you use for work, there is a good chance Audinate touches your life to provide better audio. Our work in the broadcast and television space is critical: we want all audio to be more effectively utilised by the people who have a message to share. It’s an exciting time and we greatly appreciate the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recognising the importance of our work.”

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