Broadcast Professional delivers modern Singaporean museums

In the first half of 2015, Broadcast Professional has delivered two museum projects in the island city of Singapore. These include the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at the National University of Singapore and the S$21 million Indian Heritage Centre.

The key element of both installations is the provision of interactive displays. Joe Fong, director at Broadcast Professional, commented: “As an integrator it is no longer just about installing the solution but also looking into how these solutions need to work seamlessly. For the Indian Heritage Centre, we were also involved with the content creation, working closely with the museum. Museums, Art Galleries and even themed venues have ventured to take full advantage of AV technology to create a more dynamic experience for the visitors.”

He added: “These two projects and even some earlier projects has seen us integrate audio, video and lighting with sensor-triggered mechanisms to help create a unique experience for the visitor. Placing of the solutions and coverage calculation to create such an experience is important as we do not want coverage to spill and we need the sensors to work correctly. Interactive displays too have become quite common and how they are placed, how many touch points can the displays handle, are all critical factors that needs to be considered to provide that special experience for the visitors.”

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