Brompton Technology partners with Cyans LED virtual studio in Taiwan

Harvatek partnered with an experienced local equipment distributor to establish a joint subsidiary called Cyans Visual Creative.

The collaboration paved the way for the opening of the Cyans LED Virtual Studio, built inside the Formosa Television station in the Linkou district of New Taipei City.

The studio adheres to the Netflix Partner Center standard and features LED processing provided by Brompton Technology.

Offering a range of virtual production and real-time integration services, the Cyans LED Virtual Studio caters to a variety of commercial events such as press conferences, product launches and small-scale concerts.

Peter Hou, general manager at Cyans Visual Creative, remarked: “In light of the growing global virtual production market, our goal with Cyans LED Virtual Studio is to provide Taiwanese film and television production teams with a cutting-edge, tailor-made environment that addresses their creative production needs.”

The studio offers a suspended LED main screen measuring 18.5m wide by 5m high, while the LED wall is constructed with high-quality P2.3 Harvatek LED panels.

Hou further elaborated: “By using Harvatek’s LED panels and industry ‘gold standard’ LED processing from Brompton, we are able to fulfil the technical requirements for any virtual production (VP) or extended reality (XR) applications.”

On choosing Brompton Technology as an LED processing solution, Hou shared: “One key factor that cemented our decision was Brompton's unique Dynamic Calibration technology, which ensures accurate colour representation and HDR capabilities for LED displays.”

Elijah Ebo, director of Brompton’s APAC operations, concluded: “With the emergence of LED for virtual production studios in APAC, we are not surprised to now be seeing the same LED being successfully used in broadcast studios.”

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