Case Study: Selvel One, India

Xtreme Media discusses a tricky LED installation requested by an outdoor advertising agency and how digital solutions were needed for control and management.

Selvel One is an outdoor advertising agency working in the North East of India. It provides various outdoor advertising solutions and recently undertook the installation of digital billboards in Kolkata, India. The expansion comprised 11 LED displays in different locations of the city.

To accomplish its goals, Selvel One reached out to Xtreme Media. Sanket Rambhia, managing director at Xtreme Media, talks about the undertaking: “The project involved a network of LED displays that can be centrally and locally controlled for creating an ad network. Xtreme Media is the technology provider for LED displays [hardware] and digital signage software which will serve as the medium to control the displays from a central location and to push the data to displays.

"Regarding the expectations of the end-user Rambhia says: “Selvel One is an advertising agency that provides 360 degrees outdoor advertising solutions. The digital billboard is a new concept where technology plays an important role. Selvel One expected the solution provider to deliver a complete solution i.e. hardware for LED display, installation and support and the software implementation for all the hoardings. Selvel One’s customers will be advertisers in this project. It is a unique medium where technology meets advertising in a true sense. A digital billboard network where a brand can rollout the digital campaign, such as videos and animations, through one simple click.”

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