Christie Boxers used to illuminate projection mapping show, New Taipei City

Planned and executed by Hexogon Solution, the projection mapping show uses 42 Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors.

Adrian Goh, group managing and artistic director at Hexogon Solution, said: “For this performance, we worked towards achieving contents with a more three-dimensional approach. The specified characters had been created in 3D, rather than using 2D animation that was done previously. The setting also involved a lot of optical illusion techniques, by conducting many rounds of simulations with mapping to bring the environment to life.”

“We’re pleased with the performance of the Boxer 4K30s and are also delighted to accomplish our objective of delivering the biggest projection mapping performance in Taiwan. The client is also happy that whatever we suggested have all been fulfilled and proven correct. Hopefully this will set a new standard and customers’ expectation for future shows in Taiwan.”

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